We have been dealing with INFORMIX database technology since the ‘80s. In fact, early ‘80s. A few years before SoftProdukt was established and not long after 25-year-old entrepreneur Roger Sippl shook the market with his  INFORMation on unIX. Being Computer Science students immersed in things UNIX, no wonder we eyed the newcomer DBMS with much hope. The disruptive company was still called Relational Database Systems, heavenly music to our ears!

Soon, we had a chance to prove it worthy. We competed against mainframe heavyweights for a critical Telephone Directory Assistance system. No-one believed, we delivered. No books! Telephone operators loved us. Part of the success was Informix, then a German import


Naturally, when INFORMIX Software opened shop in Poland in 1994, we became an official authorized partner. Being quite successful in implementing applications using Informix technology later on, mainly for Government (Environment Protection and Courts), we were awarded Best Partner 1996 by INFORMIX Software Poland.


When  INFORMIX Software was acquired by IBM in 2001, we entered IBM family as Premium VAR.