IBM invited us to become their Partner in 2002, straight as a Premium VAR. Bypassing all the intermediary steps was possible due to SoftProdukt’s unique competences in the newly acquired Informix DBMS.  




















Why did it matter to IBM? Informix database had a huge footprint  in Europe, on par with Oracle. In fact, IBM Informix  it is still a database of choice in embedded systems or IOT, used in mainstream  telecommunications, by WalMart, Home Depot or Visa.

In the following years, we expanded our competences for other IBM  technologies: Lotus, WebSphere, DB2, Rational and Tivoli.



Current range is:

  • Data Repositories & Appliances
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • IBM XaaS – Entry
  • Information Integration & Governance
  • PureData System
  • Power Systems
  • Storage