Software engineering

Python, Django, WordPress/WooCommerce, Java, TypeScript, HTML, JavaScript, Xamarin, Angular, C/C++,  is what we use on a daily basis. Embedded DB exposure includes Android / sqlite.

Our technology stack is much broader: Python, Django, REST Framework, WordPress/WooCommerce, .Net C#, Xamarin, AngularJS, Angular, Phaser, Java, MQL4, Oracle APEX, Delphi, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Informix, DB2, ORACLE, MySQL, SQlite, Lucene, Android, Linux, AWS, Websphere Application Server, Apache, nginx, MS IIS, Docker, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Elasticsearch & Kibana, Zoom API.

As we are both deep-rooted in the old-school UNIX databases and keen on putting them safely on the Web/Cloud/Mobile, you may find our skills useful.

What we focus on recently are high-availability databases on Linux servers in the Web/Cloud environment. As we started with BSD UNIX in 1986, you may realize that command line UNIX is our natural ambience, be it Linux, MacOS, HP-UX, AIX or Solaris.

Our goal is to ease up development of mobile apps without losing the old-school power of ASCII terminal.

Being a database company, SQL is obvious. PL/pgSQL and Postgres have a common root with our cornerstone Informix DBMS and 4GL. Switching between various DBMSs is not a problem for us, as we maintain DB2, Informix and Oracle applications.

We were involved in development of 2.6.x kernel and modules and embedded network appliances (VIA Cx, AMD GEODE). Low level platforms – .NET Compact Framework, MS SQL Compact.

We like to cooperate internationally, having fond memories of nearshoring for a Swedish software house back in the ‘90s as well as good experience with recent projects, both Anglo-Swedish (ICT expert network) and Dutch (leading banks & stock market analysts).

Our core team are 18 software engineers, mainly mathematics/computer science graduates or students just before their MSc thesis. We specialize in development and implementation of integrated Information Systems for Commerce and Administration. We develop and implement horizontal packages for medium to large companies, as well as vertical applications built to individual customer requirements.