OSO Case Management System is a vertical information system built to meet specific judicial requirements. It is aimed at court procedures of Administrative Courts, helping judges and back office personnel. It is the back-office member of SoftProdukt Judicial Systems family.

Being an open system, at the same time it incorporates many-year experience of our analysts and customers. Built with state-of-the-art tools, OSO ensures high industrial strength and user comfort. It is very flexible and scalable, thus the system is well customized to the users’ needs.

OSO assists case management, the administration of the courts and the conduct of litigation. This vertical system handles the complete process of court proceedings from a lawsuit registration to judge support to verdict statement for multilple case types.

Poland’s Supreme Administrative Court stressed importance of IT in its yearly reports: “Computerization (…) is an important factor of improvement of the Administrative Courts’ acitivities. It concerns both the quality of case law (…), as well as the speed of court proceedings”. Implementation of OSO helped to speed up the proceedings and fight the avalanche of cases (ca. 150,000 cases in 2004) – from ca. 67,000 cases left unprocessed in 2004 to ca.19,000 cases in 2007. As a result the queue of cases waiting to be processed was drastically reduced (by 70 % over 4 yrs). The proceeding acceleration was spectacular, too – ca. 3 months to close a case in 2007 versus ca. 16 months in 2003. Last not least – the case workflow is almost paperless.

Implementation of OSO case management system in the Administrative Courts also allows obtain management data that enable court managers to better assess workloads and allocation of resources. The courts can provide more complete and accurate information to policy making legislative committees.

All modules and functions of the system are closely integrated, which helps automate most routine activities and enhances data integrity. Designed for the open environment of the UNIX/LINUX operating system and relational DBMS IBM Informix, OSO Case Management System is well suited for upscaling and teamwork support.

The main system functions are:
– registration of case data according to current rules,
– management of litigant register (plaintiffs, administration, interested parties)
– lawsuit cross-referencing control,
– management of classified documents,
– inner- and inter-department workflow control,
– extensive information searches,
– planning of court hearings,
– registration of court orders,
– generating and publishing of the court verdicts and orders,
– management of case workflow between lower and higher court,
– reports and statistics.

Architecture and Technology:
Multiuser system in client-server architecture (Solaris or Linux servers, MS Windows clients); software built using Delphi, Crystal Reports, IBM Informix Dynamic Server.