Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Software engineer turned  entrepreneur, Chris is passionate about tackling problems. He  believes meeting people is the biggest value, as  there is no other way to understand others’ needs and move things forward. He saw it hands-on, watching Pierre Trudeau and Henry Kissinger chat with their East European counterparts in Finlandia Hall.

Chris  conceived SoftProdukt with a bunch of Computer Science graduates after experiencing innovation resistance inside IT division of a large airline. During 38 years of professional experience in IT he helped kick off Unisys-Polish Airlines JV,  supervised airport systems set-up, introduced personal satellite comms to major radio stations in Poland and planned/designed numerous applications. He holds an MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Warsaw University. He  is a  founder member of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications and  an IT Expert at the Polish Information Processing Society.

To keep technology-nature balance, Chris helps the   growing community  of craft cider revivalists in Poland.