IBO is a system designed to collect and present information and documents from multiple sources. Collected information can be easily retrieved and presented in various ways on the Web. The system was developed at SoftProdukt as a result of a many-year evolution of the component subsystems. It is the front–desk member of SoftProdukt Judicial Systems family.

Being an open system, at the same time it incorporates many-year experience of our analysts and customers. The people at SoftProdukt have helped to implement large information systems in a broad range from government to commerce to industry. It was obvious that many of those organisations were struggling to establish a consistency of approach across multiple locations and multiple business cases. The management or supervising authorities were also concerned about being able to demonstrate to the public that their personnel were doing the right job and supplying the right and timely information. Having researched many approaches and technologies in the Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management areas, SoftProdukt decided to approach those issues with a new focused solution. We came up with the Business-knowledge Integration System – IBO. Built with the state-of-the-art tools, IBO ensures high industrial strength and user comfort. It is very flexible and scalable, thus the system can be easily customized to the users’ needs.

The IBO system can be used in a wide range of clients from manufacturing to commerce to justice and law. For example, the implementation of IBO in the Administrative Courts enabled judges and court managers to retrieve detailed information on certain cases and help them in the process of unifying the conduct of litigation and bringing consistency to the verdict statements.

The IBO system is derived from the principles of information/document management to attain an adequate set of information at both low and top level of perspective. In accordance with the need of the users to obtain a suitable information IBO employs advanced searching techniques.

All modules and functions of the system are closely integrated, which helps automate most routine activities and enhances data integrity.IBO solution is based on IBM WebSphere as the typical middleware to enable applications to intercommunicate with various qualities of service — reliability, security, non-repudiation, and so on. Communication occurs through the Web in the form of HTML, as a link to various databases ranging from huge legacy applications to small information systems.

By centralizing business logic on an individual or small number of server machines, updates and upgrades to the application for all users can be guaranteed. There is no risk of old versions of the application accessing or manipulating data in an older, incompatible manner. A central point through which access to data and portions of the application itself can be managed is considered a security benefit, devolving responsibility for authentication away from the potentially insecure client layer without exposing the database layer.

To secure high-performance full-featured text searching IBO uses advanced tools provided by Apache’s vast repository of libraries and methods. It provides:
* many powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries and more
* fielded searching (e.g., title, author, contents)
* date-range searching
* sorting by any field
* multiple-index searching with merged results
* allows simultaneous update and searching

SoftProdukt provides:
* design of customisation according to the customer’s individual requirements
* client data conversion and integration
* user training and Implementation support
* post-sales user support and System maintenance

Architecture and Technology:
IBO is a system built in the 3-tier architecture. Development/production environment consists of Java, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM IDS & DB2 database servers.