OSO & IBO are members of SoftProdukt eJustice family. They are a complex, integrated information system aimed at Court procedures of NSA and WSA (Administrative Courts), helping judges and back office personnel.

OSO assists case management, courts administration and conduct of litigation. OSO handles the complete process of court proceedings from lawsuit registration to judge support to anonymization and publication for multilple legal case types. Deployment of OSO helped to speed up the proceedings and fight the avalanche of cases. As a result the waiting queue of unprocessed cases was drastically reduced (by 70 % over 4 yrs). The proceeding acceleration was spectacular – 3 months to close a case in 2007 versus 16 months in 2003. The case workflow is almost paperless.




IBO is used nation-wide, as Poland’s eJustice flagship to grant public access to case-law. IBO in the Administrative Courts’ intranet enables judges to retrieve detailed information on cases, helps to unify the conduct of litigation and bring consistency to the verdicts.