GIG (Central Mining Institute) is a leading research and certification entity of the mining industry. Strict obeyance of ISO 9001 norms and Quality Management rules is crucial to their mission.
Building a modern Business Management System was necessary for GIG to meet the industry transformation challenges. The successful target system – a horizontal ERP suite KREZUS.2001 was developed at SoftProdukt as a result of a many-year evolution of the component su


Being an open system, at the same time it incorporates a complex experience of our analysts and customers. Built with state-of-the-art

tools, KREZUS.2001 ensures high industrial strength and user comfort. It is very flexible, thus the system is well customized to the users’ needs.

All parts and functions of the system are closely integrated, which helps automate most routine activities and enhances data integrity. Designed for the open environment of the UNIX operating system and relational DBMS, KREZUS.2001 is well suited for interaction with heterogenous Information Systems.



Main System Functions

GIG commissioned several subsystems of KREZUS.2001 handling three major areas: Finance and Accounting, Business Intelligence/Controlling, Inventory Management.