Co-Founder & Chief Technology Office

Darius is an expert on eGovernment and eJustice. He has extensive hands-on experience with design and implementation of the Information Systems for Government, Justice, Environment Protection and Finance. Since 30 years Darius has been involved in building, implementation and supervision of complex IT systems for Courts, Regulatory Authorities and Commerce. He has particular focus on innovations in eJustice, FinTech, Gambling and digital participation.

Darius co-founded SoftProdukt, primarily focused on public information systems, now a leading supplier of Judicial Solutions. Poland’s lawmakers chose SoftProdukt eJustice family as a blueprint for the recent overhaul of national Justice systems. Darius frequently counsels clients on IT & law issues. Back in early ‘90s, together with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Bank experts he outlined a strategy for the comprehensive rehaul of IT in Poland’s Environmental Protection Authority.

He holds an MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Warsaw University. He is a member of the Chamber of IT Experts at the Polish Information Processing Society. When he’s not working, Darius loves swimming, sailing (with a  yachtmaster license), playing bridge and dancing with his wife.