IBM invited us to become their Partner in 2002, straight as a Premium VAR. Bypassing all the intermediary steps was possible due to SoftProdukt’s unique competences in the newly acquired Informix DBMS.                                         Why did it matter to IBM? Informix database had a huge footprint  in Europe, on par with Oracle. In fact, IBM Informix  it is still a database of choice in embedded systems or IOT, used in mainstream  telecommunications, by WalMart, Home Depot or Visa. In the following years, we expanded…


We have been cooperating with SOFTPRODUKT since 1992. Our cooperation concerns several Information Systems purchased from SOFTPRODUKT and implemented by them throughout our organization: KONAR Control of the Natural Environment UseCase & Document Management Krezus.2001 Finance & Accounting Fixed Assets Public Funds Exposure. We recommend SOFTPRODUKT as a reliable business partner.   Slawomir Hebda, Head IT Division Chief Inspectorate Of Environmental Protection  


Since 1996 we have been cooperating with SOFTPRODUKT.  Our cooperation concerns the Integrated Management System purchased from this company and implemented by them.    We  highly value SOFTPRODUKT’s work , especially: quick reaction in crisis situation experienced and competent team work ethic user-friendly and secure software solutions. We recommend SOFTPRODUKT as a reliable business partner. Alaksandra Mraczek-Krzak, Chief Financial Officer Central Mining Institute


SoftProdukt has built, integrated and maintained a suite of cutting edge Fintech solutions to provide liquidity and trade execution services to the Forex and Contracts for Difference markets… They operate on old-fashioned values of being honourable, being flexible, and always delivering on promises – theirs is a unique approach in this regard.   John Rebelo, CEO Sterling Gent Trading Ltd


We are pleased to inform that since 1994 we have been cooperating with SOFTPRODUKT Service Company based in Warsaw. The company have implemented several ERP subsystems, including: Finance & Accounting Utilities Billing & Reconciliation Fixed Assets Inventory Human Resource Audit Reporter for Tax SOFTPRODUKT’s highly qualified Service Team are able to carry out their tasks in a professional manner.   Dorota Szymanowicz, Head ICT Division Industrial Chemistry Research Institute


Hats off, referring to  your company [who built IBO]. I wrote that  IBO, the case-law database of the High Administrative Court  is an unmatched model, but it’s not just my opinion as  someone fascinated with  new technologies. This opinion is shared by basically all lawyers I know. after all, there is no more valuable recognition than that of practitioners using the system. Using the IBO  database, I feel like a citizen rather than petitioner.   ” The case-law database of the High Administrative Court  is an unmatched model.Using it I really regret that I have a civilian-lawyer mind and administrative…